6 Reasons Why You Should Use a Saas E-commerce Solutions Provider

6 Reasons Why You Should Use a Saas E-commerce Solutions Provider

E-commerce Solutions Provider

There are two ways that you can build your e-commerce Store: Sign up for a store from an e-commerce solutions provider or download an e-Commerce platform and host it. Each of the two options has its advantages and disadvantages.

Let us look at the advantages of signing up for a Saas E-commerce solutions provider.

  • SaaS platforms have constant, predictable costs

Online stores have upfront, recurrent, and periodic costs just like brick and mortar businesses.  Online shops incur the costs of set up, maintenance and management. E-commerce solutions providers such as Shopify have tiered monthly charges, which are determined by among other factors, customization options, and support. These costs are predetermined and fixed which makes budgeting and planning your finances easier.

  • SaaS provides better Security for your e-store

 Security is a crucial aspect of e-commerce. Security breaches are no joke. Small and medium businesses rarely survive cyber-attacks. Maintaining your e-Store data integrity and customer privacy should, therefore, be your top priority. Since SaaS solutions transfer most of the security load to your provider, you are assured of top-notch security offered by experts.

  • Switching to SaaS e-Commerce platforms costs less

Since there are no takers for used software, switching platforms often mean writing off the investment made on your old platform. Self-hosted solutions require substantial investment when setting up. Switching could, therefore, incur a substantial loss, which could be disastrous for cash-strapped startups, On the other hand, switching from one SaaS platform to another only incurs the costs of switching. However, if the SaaS comes with a free domain, moving domains when switching may be impossible.

  • Saas provides better usability

SaaS solutions are easier to use especially for people with limited technical know-how.

  • SaaS is more reliable than self-hosting

The reliability of self-hosted e-commerce solutions may match that of Saas solutions, but this would incur you significant costs, which could be otherwise invested in your core business.

  • Scaling up SaaS solutions is easy

It is every e-entrepreneurs dream to grow their venture to a million customers. However, if you were to actualize your dream but have your servers crash, missing out on sales would be the least of your worries. SaaS platforms are typically good at coping with the increased traffic without requiring intervention. On the other hand, you will incur additional cost if you scale up a self-hosted solution and if your customer base drops, you will be stuck with the increased cost.

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